To contest a citation written by the Huntington Park Police Department, the first request must be made within 21 calendar days of receiving the citation OR within 14 calendar days of receiving the delinquent notice.The request must be made for an initial review before a request for an administrative hearing. 

The request for the administrative hearing must be made within 21 days of the results from the initial review. 

No money is required to request an initial review, but the all fees due from the Citation must be paid before an administrative hearing date is provided.

To request a review or hearing date by mail, mail your request to the address indicated on the citation or the delinquent notice.  If you do not have the address, send the request to the address below. 

Request the review or hearing within the time limits indicated.  Failure to request a citation review or hearing will result in the case not heard and the request will be mailed back to you.

To contest your citation, mail it to the address below:

City of Huntington Park – Citation Processing Center

P.O. Box 10479

Newport Beach, CA 92658-0479

Or visit