The Huntington Park Police Department operates its own City Jail. This 22-bed facility is a Type 1 Jail and houses both misdemeanor and felony unsentenced prisoners prior to their arraignment and transfer to the custody of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s main jail.

The Police Department employs five full-time, professional jailers, who are non-sworn employees working under the direction of a Lieutenant and directly supervised by a Sergeant.

The Huntington Park Jail also houses inmate workers (trustees) any day of the week. These prisoners are sentenced to the inmate worker program in lieu of serving time in the County Jail.

Inmate Worker Program

Adult males with no medical problems can serve up to 4 days in Jail as a trustee. The time served must be court-ordered. The cost of the program is a $100 Administrative Fee and $75 per day.
For an application click here > or contact Jail Supervisor Evelyn Reyes at (323) 826-6622.

Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)

The Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) of 2003 is a federal law established to address the elimination and prevention of sexual assault and rape in correctional systems. PREA applies to all federal, state, and local prisons, jails, police lock-ups, private facilities, and community settings such as residential facilities.

PREA seeks to ensure that jails and other correctional settings protect inmates from sexual assault, sexual harassment, “consensual sex” with employees, and inmate-inmate sexual assault. These violations affect security and staff safety and pose long-term risks to inmates and staff inside jails and to the public when victimized inmates are released into the community.

PREA requires jails to keep data regarding inmate-inmate sexual assaults, non-consensual sexual acts, and staff sexual misconduct.

The Huntington Park Police Department has Zero-Tolerance for Sexual Abuse

Sexual assault is NOT TOLERATED at any facility operated by the Huntington Park Police Department (HPPD). It is the policy of the HPPD that sexual abuse by an employee, vendor, contracted agency, volunteer, inmate, or other non-Department members with a business association with the Department is prohibited. No individual, no matter his or her title or position, has the authority to commit or allow sexual abuse.


If you were the victim of a sexual assault while in the custody of the Huntington Park Police Department or if you know of an incident of sexual assault or abuse of a person in custody, you may report it to the Huntington Park Police Department by using the following link:

If you wish to remain anonymous you can call the Huntington Park Police Department at (323)584-6254. Please include the following in your report:

  • Incident
  • Who was the victim
  • Who was the suspect
  • Time and date of the sexual abuse

Or you may respond to the main station at 6542 Miles Avenue, Huntington Park, CA 90255