The Huntington Park Police Department is the leading law enforcement agency within Southeast Los Angeles County. Providing quality law enforcement with community pride, cultural respect, and first rate delivery of services.


The purpose of the Huntington Park Police Department is to provide a safe, attractive and well-maintained community through quality law enforcement services and programs.


Ensure a safe community

  • Deploy law enforcement resources in the most efficient and effective manner.
  • Continue development and utilization of the Problem Oriented Policing Strategies.
  • Prevent and solve crime and prosecute offenders.
  • Recover and return stolen property to the owner.
  • Participate with other local, state, and federal agencies to address public safety issues within Huntington Park.
  • Increase perception of safety within our community.
  • Operate an efficient, clean, safe, and secure jail facility.

Recruit and retain a diverse, highly skilled, and motivated law enforcement workforce

  • Maintain high standards for the selection of police officers and support personnel.
  • Promote a positive work environment.
  • Recruit and select highly competent personnel.
  • Provide a personnel performance evaluation system in support of Community Oriented Policing and Total Quality Service.
  • Continue the development of a highly-skilled, diverse, and dynamic Citizen Volunteer Program.

Develop and improve internal systems which assure high quality service to our customers. While increasing the department’s efficiency

  • Empower police employees to improve systems and bring about change through Total Quality Service and commitment to their jobs and the community.
  • Educate and solicit community groups to support the Huntington Park Police Department’s Goals and Objectives.

Be an active partner in quality education for our citizens

  • Maintain open communication with all schools, both private and public in Huntington Park.

Attract and retain prosperous businesses within our community

  • Educate business leaders to take appropriate crime prevention measures so they may avoid being victimized.
  • Promote a positive image of the City of Huntington Park.

Promote community pride and understanding

  • Promote and encourage cooperation between city departments, the community and other public and private agencies.

Encourage attractive and well maintained private property

  • Provide education to the community on the importance of signs of disorder and its effect on crime.
  • Assume a leadership role in regional issues concerning law enforcement issues.
  • Promote Huntington Park as the leader Southeast Los Angeles County Municipal Government Agencies.