Code Enforcement is a uniformed section of the Huntington Park Police Department and enforces ordinances that are designed to maintain a healthy, safe, and clean environment; improve living conditions; prevent fire and other accidents; and help maintain property values. Overall, Code Enforcement addresses the “quality of life” issues for the community.

The steps listed below summarize the usual procedure used to carry out the goals of this program, primarily directed toward the elimination of aesthetic and safety violations.

  • The first step in this process is when a violation of codes is perceived, and a complaint is filed. Once the complaint is found to become a potential code violation, the Code Enforcement Officer will inspect the premises.
  • A code enforcement action begins when the Code Enforcement Officer identifies a violation of City regulations. The person or persons responsible for causing the violation may be notified of the problem by personal contact, letter or the issuance of a citation. The immediacy of the corrective action will depend on the significance of the violation.
  • If the City cannot gain compliance even after negotiating with the property owner, the Code Enforcement Officer will transfer responsibility to the City Prosecutor.
  • The City Prosecutor will schedule a conference with the violator to discuss the problem. At the completion of the discussion, there will be one last opportunity to agree to a schedule for compliance.
  • If compliance cannot be achieved, the City Prosecutor will file a criminal complaint. At this stage, regardless of compliance, the City cannot withdraw the complaint from the Court.

Why Should I Call?
Many times the quality of life issues that you see and live with are not visible to us. You can call us and leave your complaint, but we must have the street address and the type of violation you are reporting. For better results, we highly recommend that you leave us a callback number since there will be times when the violation is not present or visible to us. You will remain anonymous, but we need to have your phone number or e-mail so we can contact you for more information if needed.

For more information or to register a complaint, please telephone the City of Huntington Park Code Enforcement Hotline at (323) 826-6693 or click here to send an email.

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All calls are kept confidential!