Mission Statement

We the members of the Huntington Park Police Department are dedicated to service through excellence in performance. We believe that teamwork between the community and the police is essential, and this goal can be achieved with effective communication. With mutual respect, trust and pride in our organization, and by using traditional values and innovative techniques, we can ensure the community’s right to a safe and crime free environment.

“Dedicated to Service Through Excellence in Performance”

Values Statement

We, as members of Law Enforcement, hold ourselves to a higher standard of conduct, as exemplified in the following values:
We believe in order to provide effective service, we must develop and maintain an atmosphere of mutual trust with the community.
We believe in treating others as we would like to be treated, honoring individual dignity as well as community diversity.
We believe in an allegiance to the community, to the organization and to each other.
We believe our goals can only be accomplished through the spirit of cooperation with each other and in partnership with the community.
We believe in traditional values and subscribe to the highest moral and ethical standards. By being responsible for our actions we will ensure our behavior builds credibility.
We are committed to our goal, which is providing the citizens of Huntington Park with a safe community in which to work and live.
We believe in delivering a level of service which will reflect the pride we have in our department and community.