Every person who operates a business within the City of Huntington Park must obtain a Business License and comply with all provisions of the Huntington Park Municipal Code. Only businesses specifically exempted by State or Federal statute are not required to obtain a Business License.

Business Licenses are not transferable and the certificate is terminated when the business ownership changes. Please advise the Business License Office if you move out of town or go out of business.
For additional information, please contact the Business License Office at (323) 584-6232.

    Application forms may be obtained from the Business License Office at City Hall, 6550 Miles Avenue Huntington Park, or you can download a Business License Application by clicking New Business License Application For those who prefer correspondence by mail, you can request a business license application by writing to the Business License Office at 6550 Miles Ave. Huntington Park, CA 90255.

All portions of the license application pertaining to your business should be completed. It is important to state whether your business is owned solely by you, or whether it is a partnership, corporation or other form of ownership.

In addition to an application for a Business License, all businesses located within the City of Huntington Park are required to have the approval of the Planning Department for the proposed business location.

All businesses are required to pay a business license tax/fee. The Business License is valid for twelve months commencing on the first day of the month during which the license is issued and terminating on the last day of the twelfth month. Licenses applied for after starting a business are subject to a late payment processing charge. Please contact the Business License Office for details.

If your business intends to relocate within the City, request an application form from the Business License Office and note on the form that this is for a change of address. There is a fee for this transaction.

All Business License certificates must be displayed on the premises. For businesses not having a fixed address within the City, the license must be carried on the person.

Business activity is not permitted on sidewalks or on improved or unimproved lots within the City without a special permit.

Door to door selling in residential neighborhoods is not permitted. You may solicit a residence only at the invitation of the occupant.

As a courtesy, business license renewal applications are mailed to each registered business in the City approximately one month prior to expiration. However, there is no obligation for the City to advise you that your license must be renewed. It is the responsibility of each business to keep its business license current. If you do not receive a renewal application, contact the Business License Office (323) 584-6232.

Be sure to declare the total gross receipts/rents/commissions received in Huntington Park in the past 12 months. A copy of your Schedule C (profit & loss statement), or Schedule E must be submitted at the time of payment.

Gross Receipts Calculations:
$60.00 for the first $60,000 or $100.00 for the first $100,000 if in the CBD Zone Plus $1.00 for each additional $1,000 of gross receipts or fraction thereof.

Tax Payable: Minimum $60.00 Maximum $4,000.00

The following activities require a permit prior to the commencement of the activity:

  • Charitable solicitations
  • Religious solicitations

Business Licenses Downloads and Checklist

New Business Checklist

  • File Fictitious Business Name with:
    L.A. County Registrar’s Office
    12440 Imperial Highway
    Norwalk 90650
  • Contact IRS for Federal Tax ID Application at 800-829-1040
  • Contact Franchise Tax Board for State ID at 562-422-6940
  • Contact State Board of Equalization to file for a resale permit
    12440 Imperial Highway
    Norwalk 90650
  • Need information about Small Business Loans? Contact the Small Business Administration at 562-570-3800
  • If you will be using/storing Hazardous Materials of any sort, you must contact the County of Los Angeles Fire Department Hazardous Material Division at 323-890-4105
  • If you have any questions regarding the zoning of the area where you are thinking of locating your business, contact our Community Development Department at 323-584-6210
  • If your business will have an alarm system, you are required by Municipal Code 4-9.01 to obtain and maintain a valid alarm permit. You can request an application from the Business License Department at City Hall 323-584-6232 or 323-584-6233
  • If your business has its own water service, contact our Water Department at 323-584-6278 or 323-584-6279 to establish service.
  • Informational packets that include: an application for City Business License, supplemental forms, and information on DBA’s (Doing Business As) are available at City Hall.
  • Before turning in your application please be sure you:
    Signed all documents
    Included a Federal Tax ID # OR your Social Security # AND a copy of your California Driver’s License
    If you have any questions, please contact 323-584-6232

Business License Enforcement
Monday – Friday 9:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

If you have additional questions or need additional information, please contact:
License Enforcement Unit
Telephone: (323) 826-6383