The Huntington Park Police Department’s Explorer Program caters to young individuals contemplating a career in law enforcement, welcoming both boys and girls aged 14 to 17. To qualify, applicants must exhibit good moral character, maintain satisfactory academic performance, and show a willingness to contribute to the broader community.

Join the Program

Accepted participants undergo a five-day academy conducted by the Orange County Explorer Academy, hosted at Golden West College in Huntington Beach. The comprehensive training covers aspects such as laws of arrest, patrol procedures, physical fitness, self-defense, and the development of diverse skills. Following the successful completion of the Explorer Academy, participants gain the opportunity to accompany police officers in their vehicles, offering insights into the practical aspects of the profession. The program imparts career-oriented experiences, provides leadership opportunities, and engages participants in community service activities.

Services and Duties

Within the Police Department, Explorers may take on various responsibilities, including crowd and traffic control, fingerprinting, searching for lost children, and assisting individuals visiting the police station. While participation in the Police Explorer Program is voluntary, many participants leverage the acquired experience to pursue roles such as part-time police cadet, public safety officer, or full-fledged police officer.

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How do I apply?

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Contact Information

Lieutenant Emmanuel Soberanis, Executive Officer (323) 826-6614

Sergeant Mario Bojorquez (323) 826-6615