DUI Checkpoint Press Release

Huntington Park, California

For Immediate Release – July 21, 2022
LT. N. Castelli, (323) 584-6254, ncastelli@hppolice.org

The Huntington Park Police Department Holding DUI Checkpoint August 13th
Huntington Park, Calif. – The Huntington Park Police Department will hold a DUI Checkpoint on August 13th from 7:00 p.m. to 02:30 a.m. at an undisclosed location within Huntington Park city limits.

Checkpoint locations are chosen based on a history of DUI crashes and arrests. The primary purpose of checkpoints is not to make arrests but to promote public safety by deterring drivers from driving impaired.

During the checkpoint, officers will look for signs of impaired drivers that may be under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

The Huntington Park Police Department reminds the public that impaired driving is not just from alcohol. Some prescription medications or over-the-counter drugs may impair driving. Always follow directions for use and read warning labels about driving or ”operating heavy machinery,” which includes driving a car. While medicinal and recreational marijuana is legal, driving under the influence of marijuana is illegal.

If you plan on drinking or taking medications that may impact your ability to drive safely, plan on staying at home.

Drivers charged with a first-time DUI face an average of $13,500 in fines and penalties, as well as a suspended license.

Funding for this program was provided by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The Huntington Park Police Department is committed to keeping the traveling public safe.

Press Release – Historic Lieutenant Promotion

City of Huntington Park


Date: May 31, 2022

The City of Huntington Park City Council and the Huntington Park Police Department Proudly Announce the Promotion of its First-Ever Female Lieutenant.

Huntington Park, CALIF. (Tuesday, May 31, 2022) – During the Tuesday, May 31, 2022, City Council meeting, the City Council will commemorate the promotion of its first-ever female to the rank of Police Lieutenant in the City of Huntington Park.

In 1908, the first Huntington Park law enforcement official was appointed and served as City Marshal for the City’s newly formed Police Department. In the 114-year history of the Huntington Park Police Department, females have served in various ranks and capacities. However, a woman has never been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant or higher. Elsa Cobian will be the first-ever female in Huntington Park Police Department history to be promoted to Lieutenant. The City Council has the honor of pinning Ms. Cobian at tonight’s special City Council badge pinning presentation.

Elsa Cobian grew up in the Southeast community, born and raised in Boyle Heights. She graduated from Roosevelt High School, obtained an AA degree in Administration of Justice from Rio Hondo College, and received a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from the California State University of Long Beach. She began her law enforcement career in 2003 when she was hired as a Police Cadet by the Huntington Park Police Department. Elsa Cobian became a sworn police officer in 2005 and has advanced her career over the years, earning her present rank of Sergeant.

Mayor Ortiz said, “This is a historic moment for the City of Huntington Park and its residents. Ms. Cobian is an inspiration to young women and children considering a career in law enforcement. The City Council is extremely proud and excited for Ms. Cobian, and we hope that she continues to thrive and be a good role model for the young women in Huntington Park.”
The City of Huntington Park is incredibly proud of Elsa Cobian and commemorates this historic moment.


City of Huntington Park
Press Release

Low-Cost Dog & Cat Vaccine Clinic

Huntington Park Salt Lake Park - 3401 Florence Ave. (Near Baseball Diamond) HPK 90255

Pets should always receive an initial series of Vaccinations. Thereafter, annual vaccinations or vaccinations every three years are recommended, depending on the type of vaccine and the pet’s environment, according to Hearts4Pets.org. In an effort to accommodate our community to the best affordable services, the Huntington Park Police Department – Animal Enforcement Division – in partnership with Hearts4Pets.org have teamed up to bring you a low cost dog and cat vaccine clinic. Refer to the link below for dates, times and location of the event.

TUESDAYS (MAY 3rd & JUNE 7th) held in late afternoon through early evening at SALT LAKE PARK located at 3401 Florence Ave, Huntington Park, CA 90255.

*** By APPOINTMENT ONLY ***    https://heart4pets.org/     (714) 993-9193

De acuerdo a Hearts4Pets.org, las mascotas siempre deben recibir una serie inicial de vacunas. Después de un año  , las vacunas deben administrarse de nuevo y luego se recomienda cada 3 años, dependiendo de el ambiente de la mascota.  Debido a esto y en un esfuerzo de facilitar servicios a un costo bajo a la comunidad, el Departamento de Policia de Huntington Park  – Servicios de Animales –  en colaboracion con Hearts4Pets.org facilitaran una clinica a bajo costo de vacunas para perros y gatos. Para mas informacion sobre este evento, haga click al link de abajo.

Vaccine Clinic Flyer Huntington Park 2022 rev

Vaccine Clinic Flyer 2022 Spanish fin

Baker to Vegas 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada

Race History

Challenge Cup “Baker To Vegas” History

Chuck Foote and Larry Moore

The Challenge Cup / Baker to Vegas Relay was the vision of Los Angeles Police Officers Chuck Foote and Larry Moore. It was spawned following the format laid by the LAPD Metro Division´s “Death Valley Relay” which came to an abrupt end in 1985 after a seven—year stint of running through the Devil’s graveyard.

Chuck Foote, General Manager of the Los Angeles Police Revolver and Athletic Club, Inc. (LAPRAAC) and Larry Moore, LAPD Athletic Director, drove the course and over those long stretches of highway came up with the name for the race and its basic format. The first stop was Baker, California, where a short but very welcome visit with the Baker High School principal secured a home for the starting line. It was followed by a whistle stop in Shoshone and a friendship of over 20 years was begun with Robbie Haines.

Pahrump, Nevada

Then came Pahrump, Nevada, a town neither Foote nor Moore had ever visited but they knew runners passing through the night would wake someone up. They began to inquire whom to talk with about this event. Everyone said go see “Floyd” in the hardware store. Our relationship with Pahrump has grown about a fast as the city itself.

The welcome the runners receive in Pahrump — the race´s halfway point — with coffee, water, cookies, the best smiles around and a great introduction by Alice Eychaner makes the city a pivotal part of The Challenge Cup / Baker to Vegas Relay story.

The first Challenge Cup Relay start line was located on California Highway 127 in front of Baker High School. The finish line, as it was in 1985, was on Nevada Highway 160 at the intersection of Blue Diamond, 119 miles away and just 13 miles short of Las Vegas.

At the conclusion of the first race all 19 teams gathered at the finish — and what a sight it was! Around 400 people standing in the desert dirt, next to a camper parked along the highway, participating in awards ceremony with then Los Angeles Police Chief Daryl F. Gates. Highway traffic was flying by but it didn´t matter. Runners were in their “own world” doing their “thing”. LAPD Central Division was the overall winner that year. Like a wild fire, the word began to spread throughout the country then the world. The Baker to Vegas Race became the police challenge.

The 1986 Challenge Cup relocated the starting point 18 miles further up the road from Baker and the finish was moved to the Hacienda Hotel where the marquee read “Welcome LAPD Challenge Cup Relay — Finish Line”. It was “big time” Las Vegas style. The Hacienda Hotel´s Convention Center was bursting at the seams when over 2,000 runners, volunteers and spectators came to the Awards Ceremony. The race was in town just a few hours and already it had outgrown the Hacienda Hotel. Although the finish remained at the Hacienda until its demise in 1996 the Awards Ceremony moved about town like a hobo looking for a home.

Halted By A Blizzard

The 1987 Baker to Vegas Relay (as it is called today) was halted at Leg 14 due to “blizzard” conditions on Nevada Highway 160 over Mountain Springs Pass. This was also the first year of nine where the Sahara Hotel would be home to the Awards Ceremony. Needless to say once the race was halted many dejected people went home and only 2,500 attended the ceremony. LAPD´s Training/Air Support Division team won the race — they were ahead when the race was stopped and awarded the “short course” victory. A victory is a victory, or so the Los Angeles County Sheriff´s Department has been told (LASD was favored to win that year). The 1987 race is still talked about today as the most “infamous” victory.

The Passing Of A Cornerstone

In December 2003, retired Officer Moore, a cornerstone of the race, died from injuries incurred from a motorcycle accident in the Las Vegas area. The race continues, as Larry would have wished. He was a great visionary and one of the hardest workers when it came to law enforcement athletics. Camaraderie, physical fitness and teamwork were his goals for this race. His vision continues to this day.

35 Years And Climbing

The Baker to Vegas Relay is the most “positive” event offered to law enforcement officers today. It gives them a reason to maintain a physical fitness program so as to help them better perform their duties. Over the 35+ years the Challenge Cup/Baker to Vegas Relay has been run hundreds of thousands law enforcement personnel have tread across the desert. The original ideals of the race continue: teamwork, camaraderie, physical fitness and competition. The event has expanded in many ways — most notably in entries and categories. The number of teams has grown 14 fold from the first 19 teams in 1985. The number of teams is now limited to 300. Categories have grown to include Probation Officers, District Attorneys, US Attorneys and full time civilian police personnel.

As a result of this growth the race has flourished. Today it is the largest law enforcement event of its kind in the World with teams participating from Calgary Canada, RCMP both men and women, Berlin and Hamburg Germany and law enforcement teams throughout the United States. The Challenge Cup/Baker to Vegas Relay is truly a National and International event.

The Current Race

The Annual Challenge Cup/Baker to Vegas Relay is scheduled to take place (depending on Las Vegas accommodations) over a weekend from late March to early April. The course begins 25 miles north of Baker CA. on Highway 127 to Shoshone CA; then northeast on Highway 178, across the state line into Nevada on Highway 372 to Pahrump NV., then southeast on Highway 160 to the finish inside the Hilton Hotel Convention Room in Las Vegas. Teams are scheduled to run in eleven flights, depending upon their ability, with flights starting hourly from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

On Sunday, eight hours after the last team finishes, an Awards Ceremony is held in the Hilton Hotel Convention room for over 6000 runners and support personnel; several thousand family members and friends; and almost a thousand race volunteers. The festivities began with a most impressive Opening Program providing entertainment for all. Over 145 VIP law enforcement dignitaries, chiefs of police, agents—in—charge and sheriffs are introduced to the crowd.

During the ceremony and throughout the hotel conversation is continually in a roar with the most common phrase and pledge, “Wait till next year”!

There you have it. The story of the largest police foot pursuit in the world.
“The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth”.
So help my Asics Tigers!

April 9 & 10, 2022.


Huntington Park Police Department awarded $50,000.00 Grant From the OTS

Huntington Park, CA


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                     

Lieutenant N. Castelli, ncastelli@hppolice.org (323) 826-6614

Huntington Park Police Department Awarded $50,000.00 Grant From the Office of Traffic Safety

Huntington Park, Calif. – The Huntington Park Police Department will roll out a police traffic services program to deter dangerous and illegal driving behaviors that increase the risk of crashes in the community.

The grant will pay for additional enforcement measures, including:

  • DUI checkpoints and patrols specifically focused on suspected impaired drivers.
  • Enforcement operations focused on suspected distracted drivers in violation of California’s hands-free cell phone law.
  • Bicycle and pedestrian safety enforcement operations focused on driver behaviors that put vulnerable road users at risk.
  • Enforcement operations focused on top violations that cause crashes: speeding, failure to yield, stop sign and/or red-light running, and improper turning or lane changes.
  • Community education presentations on traffic safety issues such as distracted driving, DUI, speeding, and bicycle and pedestrian safety.
  • Collaborative enforcement efforts with neighboring agencies.
  • Officer training and/or recertification: Standard Field Sobriety Test (SFST), Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement (ARIDE) and Drug Recognition Expert (DRE).

The grant program will run through September 2022.

Funding for this program was provided by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety, through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.


Huntington Park Police Department Awarded $70,000.00 Grant From the OTS

Huntington Park, California

The safety of everyone traveling is the focus of a grant awarded to the Huntington Park Police Department. The $70,000.00 grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) will assist in Huntington Park Police efforts to reduce deaths and injuries on Huntington Park roads.

The one-year grant is for the 2021 federal fiscal year, which runs from Oct. 1, 2020 to Sept. 30, 2021.

The grant will fund a variety of traffic safety programs, including:

  • Patrols with emphasis on alcohol and drug-impaired driving prevention.
  • Patrols with emphasis on awareness and education of California’s hands-free cell phone law.
  • Patrols with emphasis on education of traffic rights for bicyclists and pedestrians.
  • Patrols with emphasis on awareness and education of primary causes of crashes: excess speed, failure to yield, failure to stop at stop signs/signals, improper turning/lane changes.
  • Collaborative efforts with neighboring agencies on traffic safety priorities.

Funding for this program was provided by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety, through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.


Huntington Park Police Department Awarded Grant to Improve Traffic Data Reporting

Huntington Park, California

Huntington Park Police received a $58,815.48 grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) to streamline processes to collect and report traffic data.

Grant funds will be used to:

  • Develop a new, or update an existing, electronic crash reporting system with software that is able to submit data to the California Highway Patrol’s Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS).
  • Develop an electronic citation system.

The grant program runs from Oct. 1, 2020 to Sept. 30, 2021.

Funding for this program was provided by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety, through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.


Para solicitar resolver una multa dada por la policía de la ciudad, la multa tiene que ser contestada en 21 días calendarios de a verla recibido o en 14 días calendarios de a ver recibido la carta de delincuencia.

Por favor note que la solicitud tiene que ser establecida para un reviso inicial antes que sea admitida a una audiencia administrativa.

La solicitud para una audiencia administrativa tiene que ser establecida en 21 días después de los resultados del reviso inicial.

No se cobra nada por el primer reviso inicial pero la multa tiene que ser pagada antes de que la solicitud pueda pasar a la audiencia administrativa.

Para solicitar una reviso o día de audiencia por correo, envié su solicitud a la dirección que se encuentra en el ticket o la carta de delincuencia. Si usted no tiene la dirección, envíela a la dirección que aparece a qui.

Solicite el reviso o audiencia en el tiempo límite indicado. Si no solicitad su reviso o audiencia en el tiempo requerido, su solicitud será rechazada y regresada a usted.

Para alegar su multa, envíela a la dirección que aparece abajo:

City of Huntington Park – Citation Processing Center

P.O. Box 10479

Newport Beach, CA 92658-0479

O visite la pagina www.citationProcessingCenter.com