HUNTINGTON PARK, CA — On June 17, 2018, Huntington Park Police Officers, in full-tactical gear, were assembled at the intersection of Florence Avenue and Pacific Boulevard, monitoring a large gathering of pedestrians and vehicles participating in an unruly spontaneous street celebration following the conclusion of the Mexico vs. Germany World Cup soccer match, in which Mexico secured a victory.

While officers were monitoring the increasingly hostile crowd a suspect in the crowd fired upon the officers with highly explosive mortar style fireworks.  Only due to evasive actions were the officers not struck by the projectiles.  The same suspect was also observed firing mortar style fireworks directly at a law enforcement helicopter.  The suspect – later identified as Jose Alberto Martinez, 36 years of age – was located by Huntington Park Police Officers shortly after the incident and was arrested on various felony charges.  The actions of the suspect were captured on cell phone video by spectators.  The video footage circulated on various social media platforms and also received local media coverage.

On June 22, 2018, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office filed four counts of Penal Code 245(C) PC (Assault upon peace officer) and one count of Penal Code 18780 PC (use of destructive device and explosive to injure/destroy).  The suspect is currently housed at the Los Angeles County Jail and faces a maximum State Prison sentence of 27 years.